Kahili-Ginger Essential Oil

Essential oil with high antioxidant power, revitalizing and antidepressant.

Scientific name: Hedychium gardnerianum
Common name: Kahili-Ginger, Ginger-Lilly
Origin: Himalayas
Plant parts used for distillation: Foliage, stem and flowers

Powerful Psycho-emotional and Nervous System Action
• Antidepressant, anti-stress, relaxing
• Nervous Tonic, nervous balancing
• Revitalizing, Incentive, favors self-confidence
• Favors personality affirmation, strengthens the will
• Depression, stress, nervous fatigue, anguish
• In the absence of guidance, lack of self-confidence
• Dependencies, smoking aid

Precaution: Do not use during pregnancy, precaution when using with children