Discover the Essences of the Azores

100% Natural

Essential Oils of the AZORES

Discover our products, pure essential oils that offer the power of plants to improve physical health, mental e emocional. From the Azorean fields, directly for you and your well-being, 100 % natural 100% essential oils.

Enjoy our essential oils and the benefits they can bring you to improve your health, your home and your life.

Anxiety and Depression

Products like Geranium Essential Oil help relieve the nervous system. Used in bathtub baths, cause well-being and tranquility, decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms.

Beauty Treatments

Oils such as Cryptomeria Essential Oil can be used as extra protection against the signs of aging., leaving the skin hydrated. They also help to reduce blemishes or acne.

Immune system

Geranium Essential Oil is excellent in preventing and treating airway diseases such as sinusitis or sore throat.. It is also a powerful disinfectant., purifying the air.

Alzheimer's disease

According to data obtained, Kahili-Ginger Essential Oil , due to its antioxidant power, helps to fight various age-related degenerative diseases, such as, Alzheimer's disease.